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Scratch Awl

I was ordering band saw blades from a catalog and I noticed a kit for a nice scratch awl. I already had a very nice one, but I’m always misplacing it and having another one would be nice. Besides, this gave me an excuse to use some wood I’ve been saving.      

Scratch Awl 1
(click for full-res image)

The wood is walnut that is from a piece of firewood. As I was splitting the wood I found some deeply figured pieces that would be great for a small project. I have more of it that is more figured than this.

Scratch Awl 2
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I think this turned out pretty nice, the figure is beautiful. The finish is oil with a high temperature wax.

Scratch Awl 3
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The pictures were taken with my new iPhone 4. The camera is really nice. This took me a morning to complete. Click on any of the images for a gallery of higher-res versions.