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Eagles in Sauk City, Prairie Du Sac, WI Area

We took our annual trip to Sauk City and Prairie du Sac, WI to see the bald eagles. They come here from northern Wisconsin when their food sources freeze over in the winter. The Wisconsin River doesn’t freeze and they hang out in the trees along the shores and on the islands in the middle of the river. With this year’s mild winter they were late in coming, but they are here now at this location:

Eagles on the Wisconsin River
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I took my DSLR and I have a lens that zooms to 300mm. It’s not really good enough to do the majestic birds justice, but I wanted to have some record.

We saw seven birds at the Eagle observation post above the river with a great view of the tiny islands where the eagles hang out. Here’s a satellite view, (click on the thumbnail for a large view).

Our View
(click for high-res image)

We went down the road to the Alliant Energy dam and saw more eagles. Some of them were fishing in the river. While I had the binoculars trained on one it dove to the water and grabbed a fish. It is truly awe-inspiring to see these magnificent birds out in the world and not in a cage.

This trip is a family tradition. When came here one cold winter day in 1996 on the day that my wife’s father died. This was one of his favorite parts of the world and watching bald eagles soar seemed like a nice tribute to him. We come back every year to remember.