Dad’s Urn – Part 3

  • Originally published June 17, 2018.

Today I cut out the front, back, and side pieces. Then I jointed and glued them. After that I surfaced one side of each.

The front and back are the longer ones in front. The shorter ones are the sides. I’m leaving the knots in as dad would like that.

I jointed with my Stanley No. 62, the most versatile modern hand plane. Then glued them up.

And speaking of the No. 62, there it is. After the glue up comes leveling one side of each panel. First I use the No. 62 to get it level.

After it is mostly level I switch to the smoothing plane that I made. It has a blade at a very high angle with a very tight mouth. The result is it, well, smooths the wood better than any sandpaper can. Since it’s cutting instead of packing tiny pieces into the pours, the surface is wonderful.

After a bit of smoothing with my little plane. I made that as an experiment and prototype. It turned out so well that I will probably use it for years.

There are the panels leveled. The next step is to level the other side and make them all the same thickness.

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