Shaker Side Table

Once my workbench was finished I wanted to make an actual piece of furniture. This is what I did.

It’s a Shaker-style side table with a cherry top and a walnut base.

The sides of the drawers are also cherry.

I used three techniques new to me in this build:

  1. A curved drawer front.
  2. Cock beading around the edges of the drawer front.
  3. Drawer slips to hold the draw bottom.

The curved drawer front is three 1/4″ walnut pieces glued together on curved form.

Curved drawer front in clamps

The cock beading is the small frame of walnut around the edges of the drawer front. This was a fun new experience.

The drawer slips are the narrow pieces on the bottom edges of the drawer sides. They are glued to the sides and have a groove in them for the drawer bottom.

It was great making a real piece of furniture again. It had been a very long time.


5 thoughts on “Shaker Side Table

  1. Beautiful piece, the proportions, curved front and cock bead are all stunning. I have never heard of drawer slips. Interesting idea. Did you find they have some advantage to routing a groove in the sides of the drawers?

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