Jointing and Gluing the Back

I’m working on the back to my first guitar.

This is my tapered jointing board and my Veritas Jack Rabbet plane. I’ve added a fence to the side so I can use it for things like this.

Jointing board and plane

This is another view of the jointing board. It’s designed to be used for jointing small parts. The two pieces of walnut that will be the back are clamped together so their jointed faces match.

That’ll do.

I’m using the tape method to glue the two halves together. The tape is for automotive body work, it’s very strong and stretchy. I apply tape like this to one side and turn it over. Glue is applied to the joint and the other side is taped. The method works quite well.

Gluing thin stock can be a challenge. The tape method is a great way to do it.Gu

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