Making Cam Clamps – The Cams

Part 1

I’m getting more set up to build things and I’m focussed on cam clamps while organizing my shop and tools. For more information about them see this: Cam Clamps at Rockler.

The first step was to make a template I could use to make all the other cams. Here I am cutting out the template on the scroll saw. It’s made out of 1/4" Baltic Birch plywood.

Next is to use the template to layout some cams and cut them out to their rough shape. These are made from a piece of cherry I had laying around that was the right thickness.

I used a spindle sander to take them down to their final shape. Here’s the first batch.

Here’s the first clamp top piece I’m using as a trial build. I’ve always thought this kind of clamp has a personality.

The trial seems to be working. Here’s a closeup with the cam not engaged.

Flipping the cam expands the jaw and makes for a nice, lightweight clamp with many uses. (It looks like a happy clamp, doesn’t it?)

Next is to fully assemble the trial and see what I think.

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