Woodworking is Yak Shaving

  1. Decide you need more cam clamps.
  2. Look at the price of the clamps you need.
  3. Recover from sticker shock at the cost of cam clamps.
  4. Decide to make your own since they aren’t hard to make.
  5. Search for cam clamp plans.
  6. Watch many YouTube videos on making your own cam clamps.
  7. Design your own version of light-duty cam clamps.
  8. Look for local places that carry aluminum bar stock.
  9. Stop at local industrial supplier and order bar stock.
  10. Pick up bar stock the next Monday after calling to make sure they came in.
  11. Search for wood in your shop to make cam clamps.
  12. Realize you can’t get to all your wood because there’s too much stuff in the way.
  13. Start cleaning your shop.
  14. Realize you can’t clean the shop very easily because you now have so many tools you don’t have any place to put them.
  15. Start searching for a good tool chest for small tools.
  16. Recover from sticker shock at the cost of tool cabinets that are any good at all.
  17. Decide to make your own tool chest.
  18. Spend hours designing a tool chest that will be cheap and easy to make.
  19. Start acquiring simple materials to make the tool chest.
  20. Make many trips to lumber yards.
  21. See a large stack of high-quality, perfectly quarter-sawn Sitka Spruce at one yard. File away for future plans.
  22. Start trying to build the tool chest.
  23. Realize you don’t have any room to build a tool chest since you have too much stuff in the way.
  24. Move car and motorcycles out of the garage to make temporary space to build the tool chest.
  25. Set up saw horses with plywood on top as a workbench since your real workbench is covered with stuff you have no place to put.
  26. Clean off your table saw so you can cut out the pieces of your tool chest.
  27. Pile all the stuff that was on your table saw on top of all the stuff on your workbench.
  28. Start building your tool chest.
  29. Take your time since this is fun and you haven’t built anything since your serious shop injury a few years ago.
  30. Marvel that your design looks like it’s going to work.
  31. Marvel more that you cut out all the pieces to the right dimensions.
  32. Accidentally finish the tool chest while you are trying to avoid doing some important day-job work.
  33. Stand back and enjoy doing something… anything.

To be continued…


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