Dad’s Urn – Part 1

  • Originally published Jun 16, 2018.

My father passed away on December 25, 2017 after a long and great life. I have been charged with making the box that will hold his cremation remains. This is a wonderful honor and a great way for me to remember and share.

I’m going to share my progress as I go. I will be using this piece of wood I got from my dad a few years ago when he could no longer use his shop. It’s a walnut 4×4 with some challenges and character, just what dad would love.

The holes are unoccupied at this point. I can avoid this spot. Most of the rest of the board can be used.

A nice knot with beautiful curl around it. I’m going to use the wood on the other side of that cracking for the raised panel on the top of the urn.

There are some clear sections that will work well.

The true dimensions are 3 3/8" by 3 3/8".

It’s over 5 feet long and will provide plenty of wood for the urn.

With careful sawing I’ll be able to get 4 boards from it.

I’ve been asked if this will make me sad. It will not, it’s a joyful, connecting task that is very satisfying.


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