Saw Till 1

  • Originally published June 13, 2018.

I’m making a saw till to hold my growing number of handsaws. It’s coming along and I’m doing it 100% unplugged with only handtools.

It is made out of simple pine and surfaced with a smoother handplane. No power or sandpaper were used in the construction. A smoothing plane can make pine shine.

I used a simple edging, it’s a chamfer with a scratch line for definition.

The joints for the shelf are wedged through tenons, a difficult joint. I didn’t realize these are considered harder to do well than dovetails. That’s true for me and I need some practice.

I like using diagonal wedges so the tenons are spread in both directions. I should have used wedges that were thicker on the exposed ends as they didn’t spread the tenons enough. The wedges are cherry.

On to finishing the drawers. This was a more involved project than I had anticipated. I didn’t start out planning on doing this without any power tools. Once I got going and realized it was possible I decided to fully go the unplugged route. I learned a lot on this build.


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