Making My Saw Vise – Part 1

  • Originally published February 7, 2019.

I’m making a saw vise to use when sharpening saws. There are lots of designs out there. A quick search will give you an idea of what they look like.

Link: Saw Vises

I started by selecting the wood. I have a lot of wood and using some old stock is great. The vise will be maple and I found a nice board for the legs and two that are already close to the right size for the jaws. I had to cut the maple to length and rip it to width. I used my old Disston D-15 that has been sharpened to a hybrid pattern. This allows it to perform well for crosscut and rip cutting.

Here is the D-15 in the middle of the rip.

Here are almost all the parts. The bottom two boards are the legs and the top two will be the jaws. The large screw will be the vise clamp and the two small bolts will hold the legs together at the hinge. What looks like cork is Crubber from Benchcrafted.

The rough sawn maple board for the legs looked quite non-distinct. You never know exactly what’s under the rough exterior.

After a bit of planing we can see something interesting. This is a nice hunk of birds-eye maple. Hello little birdies.

The first leg piece has the registration face and the first square edge done. That is one hard piece of wood. I guess that’s why they call it hard maple.

That’s how far a couple of hours got me today.


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