Mortise Depth Gauge – Version 2

  • Originally published November 19, 2018.

A New Design

Here’s the next version of my mortise depth gauge idea.

The main change was adding brass to the top.

The brass top looks more finished to me and allows for better adjustment of the depth rod for squareness.

The other difference is the depth rod is stainless steel. It’s a TIG welding rod and is very nice. I think these could be used in woodworking for many things.

The knob is an experiment and I’m not thrilled with it. It’s a Tagua Nut but it looks too much like plastic. I’m going to make another one out of wood. I like the feel of Tagua Nut, it’s much nicer than plastic.

The wood is so small that I can cut it along the grain precisely. Having no direction in the grain makes doing the edging much easier.

A freshly sharpened chisel is a beautiful thing.

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