A Nut and Saddle Vise

I’ve been wanting a small vise when working on guitar nuts and saddles.

Lee Valley sells a small vise they call a Toolmaker’s Vise. Here’s a link to it.




I thought I’d try it and see what I think as it’s not expensive.

Vice  1


It comes like this with removable jaws. They will be nice for working with many small parts but I wanted some non-metal jaws for guitar work.

Vice  2


I made some Delrin jaws to safely hold nuts and saddles and raise them up for angle work. Delrin is easily cut and threads can be tapped into it. I planed a chamfer in the front piece for easier access to the work.

Vice  3


It’s small enough to fit in larger vises.

Vice  5


I think this is going to work out well and fill a need.

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