Guitar Number 1

I haven’t posted much about my first guitar. Here it is almost finished. I still have some adjustments to make but I’m well into guitar number 2 so I need to clear out the backlog of images.

The top is Western Red Cedar.

Assembled 1z


The back and sides are Black Walnut. 

Assembled 3


The neck is also Black Walnut.

Assembled 4


The faceplate is curly Black Walnut from a piece of firewood. As you can see, this is a 7-string guitar. I’ve always wanted one.

Assembled 5


There’s no backstrap on this guitar. I intend to have them on future guitars.

Assembled 6


I’m on to more guitars. This was very much a learning guitar that I would classify as a Guitar Making 101 project. The next one is already better.


This is good.



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