The Back is Ready

The back is ready to be glued to the rims. This was a fun step. I enjoyed shaping the braces a lot.

This shows the small notches that I cut in the side linings.

I used these tools to cut the notches. From left to right: a good pencil, a 1/8″ chisel, a 1/12″ chisel, a 1/4″ chisel, and a marking knife. I made the 1/12″ chisel. I started with a 1/8″ one and ground down the sides. I was aiming for 1/10″ but got carried away. It has proven to be very useful.

Here’s a lower-angle shot that shows the profile of the braces better.

Here are a couple of closeups just for fun.

I’ll glue the box together once the top is ready.

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