Mortise Depth Gauge – Part 3

  • Originally published October 1, 2018.

Leveling the walnut and brass to each other and squaring things up is the next step.

The brass sole blank was a little longer than the walnut. Here I’m filing the brass down to the wood.

A few passes on the glass plate and the ends of the blank are leveled. You can see how well this walnut is quarter-sawn.

Next, the faces of the walnut have to be leveled to the brass. I used a combination of a block plane and the glass plate for this. It’s not quite there in the photo. It’s level on one end but not the other. Back to the glass plate.

That’s better, the wood and brass are even now.

The blank is getting close to being ready now.

Here’s another closeup of the sole. One of the screws can be seen if you zoom in and look carefully.

Almost there, both sides have to get to here and be parallel to each other.

It’s ready. The blank is ready to be drilled for the depth rod and shaped.

Getting closer.


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