Mortise Depth Gauge – Part 6

  • Originally published October 3, 2018.

This part is about fitting the barrel nut to the body of the gauge.

A 3/8" Forstner bit is being used in the post drill. There’s never any burning at the slow hand-cranked speed. The hole is drilled so the barrel nut will be right next to the depth rod.

The barrel nut shown in the hole, it’s a nice tight fit.

The barrel nut is a little bigger on each side so it can be filed level to the walnut.

The access hole for the locking screw needs to be drilled into the walnut. A squared cutout is done to make it easier to drill. The location is determined by the center of the barrel nut.

Back to the post drill to make the hole for the locking screw. This hole can be oversized due to the barrel nut. It is just giving access to the nut.

Trying out the locking screw. Everything is working and the depth rod can be locked with minimal torque. The end of the screw has been ground and polished so it won’t damage the depth rod.

The barrel nut is ready for final installation and works well.


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