Workbench Build — 2019, Part 9

Squaring The Ends

The next task was to trim and square the ends of the bench top. The top is 5" thick and I need to do it with a handsaw. The first step was to cut a kerf around the ends with my Veritas Combination plane and the kerfing plate I made for it.

Trimming the end of the bench.

The kerfing plate was made from an old rip saw that had some bad kinks in it. I cut it down and removed a lot of teeth. I also filed some gullets for chip clearance. It works really well.

The kerning plate.

The finished kerf, a good crosscut saw will tend to follow the kerf while cutting. It is also much easier to see than a pencil line or a knife line.

My good Disston D-15 went through the Douglas-Fir without any trouble.

The cut in progress.

This is the cut right from the saw.

The cut end of the bench top.

This is after using my No. 62 with a sharp iron. That wood is really amazing. There are some areas with 60 rings-per-inch. Old-growth wood is like that and you don’t see softwoods like it anymore.

The end after being planed.

The end-grain is beautiful.

A closeup of the end-grain.

Once the other end was trimmed the top is now sized and the joints are cut. It’s looking like a bench.

The bench top.

I’m getting a strong feeling about this bench, it’s going to be awesome.


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