Workbench Build — 2019, Part 11

The Leg Vise

The leg vise is made from the same maple board as the end vise front jaw. It is one of the hardest and heaviest hunks of maple I’ve ever worked with. I think it will be a great vise.

Ripping down to the width of the top of the vise was the first task.

A saw cutting a maple board.

Here’s the vise with the rough shape cut out.

The cut out leg vise.

It got flattened and squared with my No. 5.

Flattening the vise with a hand plane.

Once it was cut to length and the front edge chamfered I had to set it next to the vise and dream of using it.

The leg vise leaning on the bench.

I started out thinking I was just going to keep it simple. However, I decided I had to do more. This is the bottom of the vise.

The leg vise being shaped.

The bottom gets the curves and the bottom of top section.

The leg vise.

I used a can of paste wax to draw the semi-circles.

The bottom of the leg vise showing the semi-circle cutouts.

Fitting the vise to its leg was a lot easier before the bench was assembled.

The leg vise and a bench leg.

It still took a while to get it working smoothly.

I have never used a leg vise like this and I’m already impressed by the design.

The back of the leg with the vise.

I made the pinboard out of maple and added one of my favorite flourishes to the front.

The vise pinboard.

Now that the leg vise was at this point the next step was to assemble the bench. I am nervous about that but I’m going to just do it.


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